Jack Wazen, MD

Otolaryngology and Neurotology

Dr. Wazen specializes in Otology and Neurotology and is dedicated to the treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders. He performs advanced microsurgical procedures on those with complex cases of hearing loss. He also specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of sinus disorders, as well as the surgical removal of acoustic neuromas (tumors).

His practice focus includes:

  • Hearing loss and tinnitus
  • Implantable hearing devices/cochlear implants
  • Otosclerosis and inner ear disorders
  • Dizziness and balance disorders
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Acoustic neuromas and skull-based lesions

American Board Certified: Otolaryngology, Neurotology

Medical School: American University of Beirut

Internship: Saint Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center

Residency: Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons

Fellowship: Ear Research Foundation

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