Voice & Swallowing Disorders

Laryngology – Throat, Airway, and Vocal Cord Disorders

Laryngologists are Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeons who have spent an additional year of training specifically focusing on the diagnosis and management of disorders of the throat, airway and vocal cords. The ability to closely examine both the structure and the function of the throat and vocal cords is key to proper diagnosis and treatment. High definition videostroboscopy allows the physician to closely examine the structures of the throat, airway and vocal cords for a precise diagnosis.

Our laryngologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of:

  • Professional voice
  • Neurological voice disorders
  • Vocal fold pathology and functional voice disorders
  • Vocal fold paralysis, glottic insufficiency, scarring and subglottic stenosis
  • Spasmodic dysphonia
  • Laryngeal cysts, polyps, and papilloma
  • Early laryngeal and glottic cancer and precancer
  • Glottic, subglottic and tracheal stenosis
  • Swallowing disorders, dysphagia, aspiration
  • Cricopharyngeal hypertrophy and Zenker’s diverticulum
  • Chronic tonsillitis

Once a diagnosis has been determined, the use of microsurgery, laser procedures, or injection therapy, including botox, may then be used as part of an individualized treatment plan.

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